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Reconstruction and improvements of production machinery

Having reliable and well-functioning production machinery is essential for the efficient production of quality parts. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure they continue to operate efficiently. Over time, machines will wear down due to age and usage demands, making it necessary to rebuild or refurbish them to maintain efficiency and keep your business running smoothly.

If you are considering the reconstruction or upgrade of your production machinery, we can conduct a detailed audit of its technical state and engineering status. This allows us to propose the most suitable range of necessary adaptations or improvements.
We have an exceptional team of constructors, mechanics, electricians, and PLC programmers. We can refurbish or just upgrade your machinery either at your facility or at our construction hall.

We specialize in the reconstruction of complete units or selected elements, including flame laminators, flatbed units, roller coating machines for thermoplastic adhesives, roller and plate embossers, hydraulic presses, inspection tables for roll material, natural leather and cut parts, winding and rewinding units, alignment and spreading systems, tension control systems, accumulators, conveyors, simple packaging units, A-frames, and many others.

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