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Flame lamination machines

Polyurethane (PUR) foam flame lamination is a bonding technique that uses heat generated by an open flame to melt and soften the surfaces of the materials being laminated. Once the material surfaces are heated and in a molten state, they are pressed together to create a strong bond.

Flame lamination has several advantages when applied to PUR (polyurethane) foam materials:
  1. Strong Adhesion: Flame lamination creates a strong and durable bond between two or more layers of PUR foam. The process involves briefly exposing the foam surfaces to a controlled flame, which melts and softens the material, allowing for effective fusion when pressed together. This strong bond is essential for various applications where structural integrity is required.
  2. Bonding Variety: Flame lamination can be used to bond such materials as artificial leathers, various types of fabrics, barrier and protective films, nonwovens, some thermoplastic adhesives or other foams. This versatility allows for the creation of composite materials with different properties and functionalities.
  3. Uniform Bonding: The process of flame lamination provides a uniform and consistent bond over the entire surface, which is crucial for applications where even distribution of adhesive strength is required.
  4. No Adhesives Required: Unlike many other lamination methods that use adhesives or solvents, flame lamination doesn't require additional chemicals. This can reduce costs, eliminate the need for drying or curing times, and eliminate concerns about adhesive-related issues like outgassing or VOC emissions.
  5. Speed and Efficiency: Flame lamination is a relatively fast process, making it suitable for high-speed production lines. It's particularly advantageous in industries where efficiency and productivity are essential.
  6. Minimal Waste: Because there are no adhesives or solvents involved, there is little to no waste generated during the flame lamination process. While combined with sufficient air-treatment systems this can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing process.
  7. Good Thermal Properties: PUR foams are known for their thermal insulation properties, and flame lamination can help maintain these properties in the laminated material. The foam's insulating capabilities can be preserved since there are no adhesive layers that might conduct heat.
  8. Customization: The flame lamination process can be fine-tuned to achieve specific bonding strengths, based on the application's requirements. Adjusting parameters such as flame temperature, nips distance and lamination speed can help create tailored laminates.
  9. Versatile Applications: Flame lamination of PUR foams can be used in various industries, including automotive, public transportation, construction, textile, shoe, furniture, and packaging, where the lightweight and cushioning properties of PUR foams are combined with the benefits of strong and uniform lamination.


can supply a very wide range of flame lamination machines. Beginning from very small units, equipped even with just 1 burner to the most advanced non-stop operationg lines, with large production capacity. 

Offered machines can be fully customized to your actual and future needs.

Mechanical speed:  2 – 60 mt/min

  • Power: 400 V/50 Hz/triphase
  • Useful working width: from 1200 up to 2400 mm

Optional equipment:

  • Carousels for foam rolls
  • Welding stations for foam and textiles
  • Sewing machines for joining rolls of different materials (as ex. artificial leathers)
  • Vertical accumulators for foams and final products
  • J-box accumulators
  • Horizontal - belt accumulators
  • Cranes for heavy materials loadings
  • Trimming stations
  • Back printing stations
  • Winding and unwinding units
  • Guiding systems
  • Stenters 
  • Tension control systems
  • Fume extraction systems
  • Customized A-frames for final products winding
On the top of offered machinery we can support you with necessary adaptations of your production site, installation of the machinery and all necessary supporting systems, training of your production staff and maintenance teams, help you with sourcing of the most suitable raw materials, machinery settings, production parameters and potential applications.

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