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Your expert in lamination, cutting, embossing and parts assembling.
We are
is a team of independent specialists providing primarily professional consulting support in the field of lamination, coating, cutting, embossing, embroidery, sewing and many other production processes dedicated for automotive interiors, public transportation incl. marina and aerospace, furniture,  industrial applications and sustainable composites. 

We are offering interim management experience, representation of foreign companies and aftersales services in the automotive industry.
Our services

What we do!


We are offering you our professional support in the field of lamination, coating, cutting, embossing, embroidery and many other production processes dedicated for automotive interiors, furniture, transportation incl. marina, industrial applications and clothing markets
We are providing our Customers with necessary technical and purchasing support associated with machinery, technology, raw materials and applications.
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Interim Management

We are offering you our experience in management and leadership in the following areas: operative management of manufacturing plants, management of production, engineering and project teams, supervision of maintenance departments.
Managing of greenfield or brownfield investments, start-ups, complicated building and construction works, design and installation of necessary production supporting systems and technology.
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Quality support by active representation of Your interests, open claims solving, detection of root causes, preparation of associated reports, short and long-time action plans, corrective actions
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Production of machinery and equipment

Together with team of cooperating with us engineers, constructers and electricians, we can offer you a very wide range of production machinery, single purpose units including complicated reconstructions – upgrades of your present equipment at our or your facility.
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We consider your requirements individually and continuously develop ourselves.
Range of offered services can be always adapted to your actual and future needs.

Good reasons to Work Together

Exceptional experience

20 years of experience in automotive sector, 14+ years in management of independent production plant, many years in consulting, sales and marketing.

Understanding of car interiors

Successful competing in a market as large and complex as car-interior can be challenging without a deep understanding of it. We can help you to find out new challenges and opportunities for your organization. Assist you from opportunities recognizing phase, through designing, trials up to successful implementation.

Technical expertise

Detailed understanding  of existing machinery, technology and production systems. Designing and construction of customized production machinery and systems. Organizing  production operations and flows. Personal connections with almost all key raw materials and solutions suppliers in Europe.

Creative problem solvers

We can identify your problems or challenges, generate new ideas and solutions, choose the most adequate one and secure its efficient plan of implementation.


Your Needs Drive Our Priorities. We will adapt to your expectations. Time wise and geographically.


Full understanding and respecting of CONFIDENTIALITY. All mutual projects and confidential information which comes into our possession will be kept as confidential during the validity of mutually signed Confidentiality Agreements.

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