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Marek Lipowski

About me:

I am a creative manager with passion for people and technology, with 20+ years of experience in automotive industry.
I believe in inclusion and diversity and in empowering people to achieve their full potential.
I am a great enthusiast of Lean, critical thinking, AGILE management and attaching all employees to the organization and its context
I am at my best when supervising various business activities with high focus on inspiring people through compelling vision and clear communication, and, as a result, together delivering strong business impact and growth

Key strenghts:

Practical knowledge of managing large teams of employees in manufacturing environment

Great combination of technical, economic and management abilities

Managing a successful sales and project teams.

Effective supply chain management

Designer, constructor of production machinery, production supporting systems, technological processes, flows and maintenance systems

Dealing with all possible authorities, acquisition of different kinds of permissions, EU grants, entrepreneurship supporting programs

Well knowledge of regulatory and government regulations.

Budgeting, controlling, financial audits.        

Excellent knowledge of car-interior branch

Detailed knowledge of following production processes, machinery and systems:

  • production of polyurethane foams incl. cutting and converting processes
  • flame lamination,
  • flatbed and calender lamination (thermoplastic powders, adhesive webs, foils and membranes),
  • coating,
  • cross linking adhesives,
  • meltprint laminations with engraved rollers and thermoplastic hotmelts
  • die cutting, computer cutting, laser & waterjet
  • plate & roller embossing
  • functional and decorative embroidery,
  • sewing,
  • high frequency welding,
  • perforating – needle/roller, CNC
  • automatic parts assembling,
  • natural leather processing (inspection, cutting, skiving, perforation, lamination),
  • drop-stitch materials processing + applications
  • water and solvent based adhesive laminations and applications systems
  • production of flexible heating systems for automotive and aviation seats
  • production of composites dedicated for climate/ventilated seats
  • lightweight composites for automotive applications
  • production of high-tech, sustainable and fully recyclable interior parts based on PES monopolymers
  • + many others …

Practical knowledge of following production processes and technologies widely used by Tier automotive suppliers:

  • Production of headliners, pillars, sun visors
  • Sewing, assembling of seat covers (various technologies) including ventilated and heated seats based on natural leathers / artificial leather / textiles
  • Composites widely used for seating applications
  • Production of headrests, armrests, door panels, parcel shelfs and similar composites dedicated for car-interiors
  • Sealings, sound absorbing composites, thermo insulations, radiation shielding
  • Plastic injections and plastic parts assembling
  • Lightweight composites for automotive applications
  • Production of high-tech, sustainable and recyclable interior parts
  • + many others …


 Native Polish
Fluent English
Fluent Czech


Trekking / hiking, jogging, travelling, motorcycling, regatta sailing, restoration and repairs of old-time vehicles - cars and motorbikes

After business hours:

I am a happy husband and father of my fantastic son, Marek Jr.
I am a huge enthusiast of technology and mechanics,
I love difficult reconstructions and repairs of vintage vehicles (militaraty& passenger cars, motorbikes).
I am an avid motorcyclist, sailor, alpinist and runner.

Do you have similar passions?  Get in touch with me!
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