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Lamitoo offers you a very wide range of accessories dedicated to lamination machines

  • Carousels for foam rolls
  • Welding stations for foam and textiles
  • Sewing machines for joining rolls of different materials (as ex. artificial leathers)
  • Vertical accumulators for foams and final products
  • J-box accumulators
  • Horizontal - belt accumulators
  • Cranes for heavy materials loadings
  • Trimming stations
  • Back printing stations
  • Winding and unwinding units
  • Guiding systems
  • Stenters¬†
  • Tension control systems
  • Fume extraction systems
  • Customized A-frames for rolled materials
  • IR Panels and UV lamps
  • Gas mixers and gas supply systems
  • Burners
  • Cooling devices
  • Inspection machines for laminated products
  • Conveyor belts for final roll transportation
  • Simple packaging units
  • and many others...

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