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Your expert in lamination, cutting, embossing and parts assembling.


We are offering you our professional consulting services in the field of following production processes: flame lamination, flatbed laminations (thermoadhesives in roll form and powders, self-adhesives), coatings, die cutting, computer cutting, plate & roller embossing (face materials and already laminated complexes), technical and decorative embroidery, sewing, high frequency welding, automatic parts assembling, natural leather processing, drop-stitch processing, implementations of automatic assembling solutions, water and solvent based adhesive laminations and many others.
Sales support - all operations and activities involved in promoting and selling of your goods or services.
Technical support in the area of finding the most effective production technology for requested product as well as the best combination of raw materials considering their functionality, quality and costs.
Negotiations with existing raw materials suppliers, active finding of alternative products, suppliers and technologies. Proposals of potential cost savings.
Negotiations with alternative suppliers of outsourced services. Analysis of proposed prices and presented production costs. Auditing of production sites, available machinery and possessed know-how. Cost saving proposals.
New projects development - active market research aiming in finding best applicable technology, parameters of raw materials, building of cost models and sales budgets, technical assistance to your Project and R&D Teams
Quality support - active representation of your interests, open claims solving, visiting problematic business partners, technical discussion, inspection of affected products, detection of root causes, preparation of all reports, short and long-time action plans, corrective actions.
We have a very customized offer for face materials suppliers, existing laminators, Tier suppliers as well as other non-automotive companies working with various range of textile and technical complexes.
Technical support associated with machinery and technology. Basing on our great knowledge of available machinery, systems, technologies and solution suppliers we can help you to find best solution within agreed budget. Discuss with suitable producers all technical requirements, negotiate prices, delivery conditions. Following delivery to your production facility we can supervise its installation, assist trials and trainings of your employees. We can help you to prepare adequate work instructions and quality documentation. Continuously monitor performance of proposed solutions to be sure that they are in the line with preliminary assumptions. Together with your R&D or Maintenance Team we can ensure continuous improvement of your production technology and implement requested adaptations requested by new coming projects.
If you are planning to reconstruct or upgrade your present technology, we can detailly check its technical state and propose you range of necessary adaptations or improvements to reach your expectations. We have exceptionally good Team of constructers, mechanics, electricians, PLC programmers. We can upgrade your machinery directly at your facility or at our construction hall.

Your demands create new challenges for us !

That’s why we have a very customized offer of consulting activities for face materials suppliers, existing laminators, Tier suppliers as well as non-automotive companies working with various range of textile and technical complexes.
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