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Marek Lipowski


Economy – University Master’s Degree, Controlling and Managing Accountancy – University Post Master's Degree, Management of Capital Enterprices – University Post Master's Degree, Lean Black Belt - in progress, Lean Strategy Leader - in progress, MBA - Crysis Management - in progress


I am an empathetic leader with passion for people and technology, with 20+ years of experience in automotive industry.
I believe in inclusion and diversity and in empowering people to achieve their full potential.
I am a great enthusiast of Lean, critical thinking, AGILE management and attaching all employees to the organization and its context
I am at my best when managing various business activities with high focus on inspiring people through compelling vision and clear communication, and, as a result, together delivering strong business impact and growth
I have a very practical knowledge of managing large teams of employees in manufacturing environment based on my long-term experience on the position of Plant Manager
Excellent knowledge of the European car-interior sector.
Detailed knowledge of following production processes, machinery and systems: flame lamination, flatbed laminations (polymer powders, adhesive foils, adhesive needled cloth of WEB types), self adhesives, coatings, die cutting, computer cutting, plate & roller embossing (face and sandwich), technical embroidery, sewing, high frequency welding, automatic parts assembling, CNC, water and solvent based glues including application techniques, piping (decorative seam), lamination / processing of natural leather and many others ...
Technical and analytical skills. Architect and constructor of production machinery, systems and various production processes.
Experience with greenfield and brownfield investments, start-ups, complicated building structures, construction works, machinery and all supporting systems installations


 Native Polish
Fluent English
Fluent Czech


Trekking / hiking, jogging, travelling, motorcycling, regatta sailing (RS Vareo class), restoration and repairs of old-time vehicles - cars and motorbikes
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